Registration is open for TEDxBusan on NOV. 22th, SAT

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We’re excited to announce that the 6th TEDx Busan event will be held on November 22th, Saturday.
The theme -“Inside Out”- represents some things that we should be focusing on in a different angle by picking out of the frame, reversing against the old-fashioned, and penetrating thoroughly.
More than 10 speakers will step on the stage and give you an impressive short talk each. Open up your eyes and ears to all brand-new trends and ideas here. And get the precious chance to meet the focused and passionate audience and talented but not-yet-known people in Busan.



  • Jeongmo Yi
    Biologist, Chief of Seodaemun Museum of Natural History
  • Junho Jung
    Parasitologist, NGO activist
  • Younkyung Je
    Economist, Chief of Edu-Money
  • Mingi Bae
  • Yuree Kim
  • Yeyeon Lee
    Designer, Civic-hacker
  • Jaehoon Jeong
  • Isabella Maria
    Student, Activist from Honduras
  • Kyungsin Park
    Law professor
  • Juno Lee
    Chief of Promisope
  • Matt B. Jones
    Artist, Professor
  • Seho Lee
  • Jeonlan Kinser
    Translator, Investor
  • Dragon Head Mountain Park
    Indie band



November 21th, Friday

19:00~22:00 Pre-Party

Novemeber 22th, Saturday

10:00~10:40 Check In
10:40~12:20 Session #1
12:20~14:00 Lunch
14:00~15:30 Session #2
15:30~16:30 Break
16:30~18:00 Session #3
18:00~20:00 After-Party



Dau-hall, Bumin-campus, Dong-A university
– About 400 meters from Exit 2 of the Tosung Station, Subway line 1

– Parking lots are available in the building only if you pay for them. Buses or subways are recommended.


Admission Fee

Ticket price is 45,000 won. Various tickets are as follows:

  • Donor Ticket: 90,000 won
    All sessions, Lunch, Donor badge, Reserved seat, Small gift
  • Full day Ticket: 45,000 won
    All sessions, Lunch
  • Morning Ticket: 25,000 won
    1 session, Lunch (10:30~13:00)
  • Afternoon Ticket: 35,000 won
    2 sessions (14:00~18:00)

The first 100 registered people and donor-ticket buyers will receive a small gift.

Optional Selections: Additional fees required.

  • Pre-Party: additional 10,000 won required
    The pre-party will be open closed to the event venue at 7pm, November 21st, Friday. All the participants are encouraged to meet up and exchange greetings. Light refreshments and drinks will be provided. Allowed only for a hundred people.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation: additional 5,000 won required
    This is the service for English-users who have difficulty in understanding Korean. Because most of speeches use Korean. You could the receiver.
  • Zip-up Hoodies: additional 15,000 won required
    Zip-up hood Tee-shirts with TEDxBusan logo. On-site price will be 20,000 won, but you can order this beforehand, as stocks are limited.




– Registration will not be completed until you deposit the fee into the account after submitting this form. If you choose opitional selections, additional fee has to be included in total fee. We will send you confirmation message within 24 hours after checked.
– TEDxBusan event is a non-profit event run by volunteers. We do not make any return from this. All the admission fees are used for the event itself. Refunds can only be proceeded 7 days before the event, and commission will be deducted.
-If you have questions regarding TEDxBusan event, please send e-mail to



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