Do you want to know Pre-Party?

2012년 10월 이벤트 뒷풀이


What is Pre-Party?

When it comes to ‘party’, people tend to think of things such as dancing around and hanging out with others. For those introvert or reserved, this kind of thing doesn’t sound catchy or they would even say, “I hate parties!”. But think about this – we are all already participating in and enjoying that type of party : company dining or drinking gathering. Parties are diverse in their types and process – from fancy dresses with a glass of champagne to casual pajamas with late-night snack to having musicians and performances of them in clubs.
After a one-day TEDx event is finished, there is typically an after-party. But for those who feel just ‘one-day event and after-party’ is not enough and can’t easily step off the entrance of the hall at the end of the event, we are sincerely preparing for the opportunity for participants to meet each other on the Eve of the TEDx event.
The heroes and heroines are participants, not us. Participants actively meet and talk one another and they make the smooth atmosphere by themselves. So if you can’t bring company to keep around, don’t worry!

  1. When entering the pre-party place, you don’t need to hesitate to choose which seat to sit on. We usher in and arrange the seats. Each table is set with devices that lead people to continuous conversation.
  2. On each table, everyone is on a mission. You have to find someone who you don’t know and have conversation. When the mission is cleared, you might get a prize. But remember this is not a obligation so don’t be pressured!
  3. You can have refreshments and order one coffee or beverage.
  4. The party place is sectioned. There would be a quiet section where you can stay calm in one corner and a board-game section where people can get together playing board games in another.
  5. A small band would perform in the party.
  6. You can participate in “What makes you worried?” on the wall. “What makes you worried?” is where people can put their opinions about concerns collected and chosen by our staff before the event. If you have an outstanding answer to any concerns, post it on the wall!
  7. The party’s heroes and heroines are YOU! If you have any ideas to make our party much more enjoyable, like funny games or performances, you can suggest any programs!

Don’t have any fancy plans for Friday Night? Join us and have fun!
(The party place is going to be announced in advance to participants.)
Please check at “Pre-Party” option when you apply for the event.


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